Show your documents with 3D page-flipping effect, put your into the realistic 3D flipping world!

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XPS to Flippingbook3D

Ease to convert XPS files to flipping 3D book!

    Easy convert XPS files to page flipping 3D book! XPS to Flippingbook3D is easy-to-use software specially designed for you to convert XPS (Open XML Paper specification) to Page flipping 3D book, no matter for publishing online or distribute offline. You can create stunning flip office book with three steps and no pain of coding. Your published page flipping 3D book can be read on PC, Mac and mobile devices, also can be easy sharied with others via email and social networks.
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Use XPS to Flippingbook3D, you can:

  • Wonderful software to present XPS to your readers;
  • Three simple steps without coding skills;
  • Modern design and Skin editor;
  • Create mobile version for view on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices;
  • Embed into webpage with Minime style;
  • Flexible output options.

Perfect solution to present you XPS documents

Perfect solution to present you XPS documentsNo matter you are a trainer, a teacher or an author who has a great of XPS documents to be distributed, do you want to change a format to bring some fresh reading experience to your readers? The intelligent XPS to Flippingbook3D is perfect tool to rescue you from the situation and present your XPS documents in an attractive and stylish way.XPS to Flippingbook3D is the wonderful software to help you convert your XPS to catalog, magazine, brochure, etc, with flash page flipping effect applied.


Three steps to create without pain of coding

Easy-to-use without coding skills

    With XPS to Flippingbook3D, you can create attractive digital page flipping 3D book from XPS documents with three steps only, no coding skills or program knowledge needs. It’s very easy to carry on. First, load XPS files from your computer and choose pages according you needs; Secondly, template settings to customize book layout; At last, output as HTML, EXE, ZIP and APP format.

Modern design and Skin editor

preset_templates_and_skin_editorXPS to FlippingbooK3D provides flexible options for you to create stunning page flipping 3D book. There are different stylish templates for you to use, and each template provides pre-designed themes. You can choose the preset templates and themes to quickly decorate your flash 3D flipbook, without any time cost. And you also can design the book layout to make your book special and attractive yourself, change the background photo, add background music, insert logo, link in title, etc.

For more free themes, you can download from our website.

Create mobile version for view on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices

Create mobile version for view on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices

With using xps to Flippingbook3D, your created masterpiece can be viewed on most popular device, such as iPhone, Android phone, iPad and Android tables. Your readers can access your page flipping 3D documents in the most convenient way regardless of the device they use.  Your catalogues, magazines brochures and books will be available to all your clients and business partners on any computer or mobile device.


Embed into webpage with Minime style

Embed into webpage with Minime style

When you browse the web, you will always find some small windows that play flash or ad information. If you want to embed your created flipping 3D book to these small windows of your website, just use Mimine Style in XPS to Flippingbook3D. Set the window width and height to show minime style book in webpage, then you can easy embed with a short paragraph code to insert the book into other webpage. Easy make your website looks more amazing and attractive.

Flexible output options

Flexible output options

XPS to Flippingbook3D gives flexible output options for you, no matter you want publish your created flash 3D flipping XPS book online or stay offline. You can choice output as HTML format to create online page turn book, EXE format to install on PC, Zip format to package to share with others, APP format to view on Mac platform. And also you can burn 3D page flipping book on CD or even create mobile version to publish online to view on mobile device.


Quickly XPS import

  • Quick import XPS from your computer directly;
  • Flexible page number import, choose all pages, custom page or only import 10 pages to preview;
  • Various page quality and size options;
  • Set watermark to authorize your flipbook;
  • Keep original bookmark (table of content) from XPS to flipbook;
  • Reserve link from XPS to Word flipbook;
  • Let or not let readers to full-text search in flipping book;
  • Automatic adjust the page layout, detect wide/long pages to suitable layout.


Flexible Output formats:

Once you created digital page flipping book from XPS to Flippingbook3D software, you can output it as various format, such as HTML, ZIP, EXE, App, Mobile version, or Burn to CD/DVD;

  • HTML format: Makes you flipping book to a website to be viewed online;
  • ZIP, EXE formats: share it with zip/exe format to others by email to be viewed on their computer;
  • App format: output as app format for viewed on Mac system;
  • Make Mobile version: upload online to makes created flipping book works on iPhone, Android Phone, iPad, and Android tables device;
  • Burn to CD/DVD: burn on disk and sent to others for playing on their computer.


Preset Templates and themes:


  • Four build-in templates: Classic, Float, Neat and Spread;
  • Each template contains different pre-designed themes;
  • Many free themes can be downloaded to use from our website;
  • You can remove the template and theme which you don’t want to use anymore.


Personally customize theme based on different templates:


  • Add book Logo, book Title, and logo URL in title bar;
  • Show or hide the toolbar or other buttons (home, full screen, help, share, social share…);
  • Set permission for printing, downloading, (social) sharing;
  • Add background music and set looping time;
  • Zoom in & zoom out button makes it better to view the flip book;
  • Auto play setting allows it to play as soon as you open the flash flipping book;
  • Help button allows you to add Help image or Flash to guide the readers;
  • Self or blank open window for home page and links;
  • Choose your favorite background image;
  • Color setting for background, font, buttons, icons;
  • Font setting for flash, bookmark, buttons;
  • Edit book proportion and margin;
  • Insert page number and start page number;
  • Page shadow setting, left-to-right or right-to-left reading;
  • Choose a hard cover for the eBook;
  • Show flipping effect at the corners when the mouse moves over;
  • Access authorization to protect all pages or certain page(s) from being viewed;
  • Choose the Minime style that hides the toolbar;
  • Define the language for your flipping book or use two or more kinds to make languages switchable;
  • Add Google Analytics Integration to track the statistics;
  • Save the template settings for later use.


Page-flipping book interface:


  • Share page-flipping book via e-mail or load on social websites, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+, etc;
  • Full Text Search function lets you search 3D flip book for all pages by input keywords;
  • Switch language to change interface language;
  • Show defined information in "contact&about" window;
  • Click link in pages or Home button to jump to appointed web pages;
  • You and your readers can print or download digital publication;
  • Turn on/off background sound;
  • Zoom in/out 3D flip book page size;
  • Read page-flipping book in full screen mode;
  • Auto-Play your 3D flip book by click the "Auto" button;
  • Read 3D flip book in single page mode;
  • Search and go to pages by Thumbnail navigation mode quickly;
  • Page arrows provided: First, Previous page, Next page, Last page;
  • Use mouse wheel, keyboard to flip page directly.

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