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Free PDF to Flash

Freeware to convert PDF to Flash (*.swf) file with ease!

    Free PDF to Flash is 100% free software just for you to convert static PDF documents into stunning Flash (SWF) book in real-time. This Totally Free software provides Batch Convert, Hot Directory modes and Command Line Mode for you to convert large quantities of PDF files on the fly and turning those PDF documents to flash (SWF) book. Easy-to-use software suit for all levels user to creates flash book from PDF without any programming knowledge, coding skill.



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Flash Player 10.0+

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Use Free PDF to Flash, you can:

  • Save lots of money – 100% Freeware;
  • Save time – easy to create eBook with three steps only;
  • Flexible Convert modes choice;
  • Retain original resource from PDF;
  • Create eBook on all Windows platforms.

100% Free Software

100% freeware

Want to convert you PDFs to Flash documents without paying any cost? Yes, you can. The Free PDF to Flash is totally free software which allows you convert Adobe PDF to Flash videos without paying a penny.

Create Flash movies format eBook in three steps

Easy to convert1) Chioce the convert mode you want to use;

2) Drag and drop files to application;

3) Hit "Convert to PDF and Save as" Button to Convert.

Three convert modes for choice

Three convert modes for choiceFlippingbook3D Free PDF to Flash provides three conversion modes for you to choice, they are Batch Convert Mode, Hot Directories Mode and Command Line Mode. You can choose any mode to complete conversion easily.

Retain original resource from PDF file

Retain original resource from PDF file

With using the Free Flippingbook3D PDF to Flash, the original resource of PDF can be retained in Flash videos, no matter text, images, page layout, etc.. Just import your PDF to convert to Flash with the easy-to-usefreeware now!

All Windows Platforms Support

All Windows Platforms Support

Free PDF to Flash can be installed on all Windows platforms. It can be running on Windows 95, Windows 97, Windows 2000, Windows xp, win7, etc. It has a strong compatibility.