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Magazine Maker to Create a Fabulous Market-target Magazine

Step into digital ages, market changes a lot, traditional paper printing is no longer suitable for a lot of publishers, they are searching for other ways of publishing, which cost less and gain more. In addition, paper printing leads to environment pollution, and decrease the amount of the raw material – tree. After several days of exploration, digital publication came into being. It was a new way of publishing, and soon it takes over large portion of publishing in the market. Fliphtml5 - magazine maker to create fabulous market-target magazine, is known by the public for its multi-functional interface.



Custom Templates

Believe it or not, there are thousands of build-in templates and themes in Fliphtml5, some are static and some are dynamic, users can choose any of the topics from the equipped template library. Of course, not all the templates in software can be accorded with users’, or further more with the market’s appetite, then the users can upload their preferred picture to the software as template background. By the way, the background color can also be customizable.(see demo:


page flip book maker


Powerful Edit Page

As we all know, promotion is an indispensable element in market. A promotion needs to be popularized, but how? Don’t be worried, the digital publication helps a lot. Advertising banner can be added to the digital magazine made by Fliphtml5. Company information like logo and introduction can be put into the banner, and also, one can add a link to the banner, when the readers click the banner, the page will jump to the link page automatically, which will also increase the brand awareness and website traffic.


page flip book maker

Import Links

One useful function of Fliphtml5 is that all the content pages of the making flipping book can be added with different kinds of links. Users can put a wanted link to the contents - to guide the readers to another page. In this way, not only the readers no longer need to search for relevant websites, but also helpful for the users market strategy.


page flip book maker