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Make Interactive Page Flipping Book with Free Flip Book Maker Software –Mobissue

There are so many animation page flipping book solutions in the market, it can be not easy to find an appropriate one that works for you. Take me as an example, I have struggled for several months to find a solution that can help me efficiently create an interactive flipbook with animation and page-turning effects. I can't get started with my design work until heard about Mobissue software from one of my friends. I'm gonna say that I have made a good choice since I first tried this software. It is suitable for everyone. Whether you are an expert or a green hand in this field, you can get benefits from it. First, I would give a wonderful video of Mobissuue, and then show you some special features from this service.



Free Solution

Mobissue is one of the best flip book solutions that provides a comprehensive method for the user to covert and promote a flipbook. First of all, it is completely free to sing up and download. I signed up for a free account just in a minute. There are also other paid plans, but you don't need to use these to get the same digital and online experience.



Page Flip and Animation Effects

It is also the easiest program to use. I could quickly import my PDF file in the program and just in need of a few seconds, the PDF file could be generated to an interactive flipbook with page flipping and animated effects. Besides, I could customize a series of settings, background settings, play settings, control settings, etc. Plus, you can also publish your page flipping and animated flipbook to the Cloud Platform for storing as you like.

Easy to Keep Private

This cloud-based solution also enables you to set the access permission and protect your page turning content. Limit access to content and even leverage your own database to authenticate users remotely. And, if you don't want t display your digital item on the explore section, you can keep in private on the Cloud.


Powered by Amazon S3

Mobissue Cloud employs Amazon S3 service to store your book data, protecting your data from both logical and physical failures and guarding against data loss from unintended user actions, application errors, and infrastructure failures. Your book data is highly secured!

PSocial Sharing and Mobile Reading

And it is as easy as that! You can click your flipbook to share on social media and publish for mobile reading as you like. Mobissue supports a variety of mobile devices, including Android devices, smartphone, iPad, iPhone and tablet. That is why I would suggest Mobissue flip book maker to anybody interested in creating flipbooks. It is useful and free. You can download this program or sign up for a free account now.