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How to insert your company logo and hyperlinks in the flipping book by using PDF to Flippingbook3D Pro?


Do you want to advertise your company or tell something about your company on the flipping books? PDF to Flippingbook3D Pro allows you to change the logo of company and insert the hyperlinks to your flipping books. As we can see in the neat template of flipping book, the tool bar is on the top of the flipping book. And you can show something to your readers.

Here are the steps to add your company logo:

Step 1: Launch PDF to Flippingbook3D Pro and import PDF files.

Step 2: Choose the neat template and search the option of “The Book Logo”, then you can insert your company logo. At the same time, you can also search for the option of “Logo URL” and insert the website directly .

Step 3: Apply all changes, and convert it to flipping books.







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