Show your documents with 3D page-flipping effect, put your into the realistic 3D flipping world!

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Brief introduction to flippingbook3d.


Flippingbook3D maker give you an affordable solution to convert different formats of documents to 3d page-flipping book, you can publish created flipping 3d books online and easily share them with others. Moreover, you can also view the flippingbooks on PC, Mac, or mobile device.


Flippingbook3D maker provides you with a variety of powerful softwares which allow you to transfer your PDF, PPT, Office, CHM, etc. file to 3D page-flipping books with page-flipping or multimedia effects. With Flippingbook3D softwares, your simple PDF or Ms office files will be more vivid and attractive.


With Flippingbook3D softwares, you can add sound files, video, images,flash, printable area and links to flipping books without any effort. In additiion, you can also share your flipping book online and manage them at your option.


Just download a free trial and have a try! Enjoy our softwares, I believe that you will like them!









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