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How to save project for later editing by using FlippingBook3D softwares?

FlippingBook3dD softwares are a series professional and powerful softwares which are designed to convert PDF flies to flipping books with page-turning effect. Some people may have some problems while using our softwares. For example, when we are editing or applying different settings to flipping books, you may happen to have anything else to do, for example, some friends call you to take part in a party. You have to leave right now. Then how to deal with your flipping book which is processing? Just close it and do it again after you come back?


FlippingBook3D softwares are a series of wonderful software which provide you with different kinds of functions. So the problem that raised above can be solved by FlippingBook3D softwares. You needn’t to close them and define settings again. You can click the icon of “save project” or “save project as” to save the document. So you can save your flipping books at editing format and edit it again when you are free.


With this powerful function, you needn’t to edit your flipping book again! You can edit it from where you stop. Just save your time and make your job easier. Just take action right now and have a try!


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