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How to add a button to flipping book by using PDF to Flippingbook3D Pro?

As we all know, PDF to Flippingbook3D Pro is a professional and powerful digital book maker which is designed to convert PDF files to flipping books with page-turning and multimedia effects. Not only can you add images, links, videos, but also add swf flash, printable area, sound files to your flipping books as you like. Now I will tell you another spot of PDF to Flippingbook3D Pro: PDF to Flippingbook3D Pro also enables you to add a button to your flipping book.


As we all know, there may be a button we need on the page which can attract others’ attention and play an important role on giving customers products information. The button often has a link which may link to a purchasing website or a product websites. The button always has its powerful functions, which make your job easier. It can link to a another page of your flipping book, make a photo slideshow, play audio, call Javascript function and open a flash window. With those powerful functions, the buttons can help you solve most of problems.


Here are the steps to add a button to your flipping book:

Step 1:Launch PDF to Flippingbook3D Pro and import PDF files.
Step 2: Click the icon of “Edit pages” , and click the icon of “Add button” to add a button to your flipping book.
Step 3: Select an image or a flash for your button and define the “Action Options”.
Step 4: Save it and publish it to flipping book.


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